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Fun Fact:
The average person with Curly hair has 3 - 4 different curl patterns on their head. Some people even have more.

Preparation of a Lavish Curly Cut : 
1. come with your hair down curly
2.detangled your hair
styled your hair with a light product or leave-in conditioner. We don't want your hair to be too stiff and heavy with products while we are cutting your hair dry.
We need to see your curls falling in its natural state. The haircut will be done while the hair is dry.You will then be washed and set curly , dried and then your haircut will be double checked before you leave! :)

Products we use on our Curly Clients:
Love Ur Curls , 
Olaplex, and Wella Curls

Every curly girl/ guy has a story.We will be happy to hear yours!

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